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Kind of in love with my dogs

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Long time no see tumblr

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🍕My twinkies bring all the chubs to the yard🍕
💰Yeah I bought them all💰
😘I could sell some but their all for muah!😘


Harry+New York paparazzi.


you are my laptop

my only laptop

you make me happy

when the skies are grey

you’ll never know dear

how much i love you

so please dont take

the charger 



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Being single doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means you’re strong enough to wait for what you deserve.


Eleanorj92: @Laniburton and I trying to be pitch perfect! 🎶

Eleanor and Lani doing the Cup Song but without the singing sadly, I would like to hear her sing one time. And also she is so cute in the end

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